Solomon Grundy is part zombie and part plant, a bizarre, centuries-old half-human life form filled with confused anger. At times he is a rampaging monster, at others a more reserved, single-minded beast. Solomon Grundy's enhanced strength makes him a threat even to the DC Universe's strongest heroes.

Massive injuries can't kill him; afterwards, he simply regenerates and rises again. Beware his low growl of Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday...


In 1894, corrupt merchant Cyrus Gold was killed by robbers outside Gotham Town. However, when his corpse sunk into Slaughter Swamp, supernatural forces returned Gold as a zombie-like creature. Adopting the name Solomon Grundy, after the nursery rhyme “Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday”, Gold continually returns after death in a new body and personality.

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  • In the Villain faction, Grundy is part of a strike team that the Society sends to help new Society members handle Doomsday in Smallville.


  • Solomon Grundy first appeared in All-American Comics #61 (November 1944)
  • Solomon Grundy is voiced by David Jennison.
  • Solomon Grundy has been portrayed as both good and evil during his various comic book appearances.
  • Solomon Grundy was originally supposed to be fighting Wonder Woman in the "Who do you trust" trailer but was replaced by Metallo because of the ESRB rating.


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