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Sins of the Father: Episode I is an episode briefing that can be found in the Chinatown district of Metropolis. There are six parts that comprise this briefing.


"The Sentinels of Magic battle Brother Blood in Chinatown!"


Part 1: Sins I: Lois Lane[]

Sins of the father
  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: Rooftop across from (south of) Parking lot. South of Mannheim's Theater.
  • Briefing: Lois Lane: "Lois Lane with Daily Planet Live. The Department of Metahuman Affairs today announced that the "Sentinels of Magic" will be combating villainous magic here in Gotham and beyond. The Sentinels are led by master sorcerer Doctor Fate and the Justice League's star magician, Zatanna. Look for their magical wards and spells throughout the city."

Part 2: Sins I: Vicki Vale[]

  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: Rooftop/patio (with benches) southeast of Theater's southeast corner. It is under the red tiled awning.
  • Briefing: Vicki Vale "Vicki Vale and "JLA Watch"! Today, the enigmatic Doctor Fate. A long-time member of the Justice Society, Doctor Fate is actually a lord of order tasked with maintaining the balance of good and evil on our plane. Who's behind the mask? That's still a mystery. What is clear is that Doctor Fate's Sentinels of Magic are cutting through chaos wherever they appear."

Part 3: Sins I: Jack Ryder[]

  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: Two buildings north from villains night club, green building east of Big.
  • Briefing: Jack Ryder "I am Jack Ryder, and YOU ARE WRONG! Why? Because hell on earth is coming, friend! You think the Cult of Blood is a harmless little club? Ha! They worship the demon Trigon, an interdimensional baddie who spawns sin like garbage breeds flies. Demons are already rampaging in Metropolis! Trigon is coming! You don't believe it? YOU ARE WRONG!"

Part 4: Sins I: Jack Ryder[]

Sins father
  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: South Side area of Theater's Rooftop.
  • Briefing: Jack Ryder "I am Jack Ryder, and YOU ARE WRONG! Why? Because the goddess Circe is on the scene - the queen of mean, the mistress of malevolent magic, the dishy grande dame of deceit! This is the lady who battles even Wonder Woman for the power of the gods! Think she won't lie, cheat, and steal to gain every mite of magic for herself? YOU ARE WRONG!"

Part 5: Sins I: Circe[]

  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: Rooftop South of Chinatown P.D. and West of Mannheim's Theater
  • Briefing: Circe "Doctor Fate, the goddess Circe speaks! You fear Trigon's power? Perhaps you think him too strong! Coward. You and your sad little Sentinels don't stand a chance. The balance is tipping, Fate - watch your step."

Part 6: Sins I: Wonder Woman[]

  • Zone: Metropolis
  • Region: Chinatown
  • Location: On the Ground, next to the water at Shen Li Po Gardens. SouthWest of Theater, opposite side of Booster Gold Kiosk. Big Belly Burger, between two generators.
  • Briefing: Wonder Woman "This is Wonder Woman, and I speak to you as one who knows Circe's lies. She will claim your magic gives you the right to rule. Reject her evil, and bring the fight instead - to Brainiac!"


Mail Messages[]

Upon completion of this collection players receive a message from Lois Lane, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

float:left From: Lois Lane Subject: Briefing: Sins of the Father I
"Daily Planet News Brief: MPD officers continue to comb the Chinatown district for any of Brother Blood’s followers tonight, after a violent altercation between Blood's cultists and the Sentinels of Magic. For Daily Planet Live, this has been Lois Lane."
Attachment: Mana-Twisted Back


This briefing rewards players with the Mana-Twisted Back back item (style: Plant).

Icon Back 013 Blue



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