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Thaal Sinestro is the sworn arch-nemesis of Green Lantern. At one point the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps, he was corrupted by his power and exiled for crimes against his own people. He now seeks to impose his own order and control onto the universe, employing a yellow power ring to combat the green he has grown to despise.

His prowess and ruthlessness have made him one of the most feared Super-Villains in existence, and eventually, he established and became the leader of his own inter-galactic force dedicated to inducing fear into any and all sentient life in every form, the Sinestro Corps.


Sinestro was selected by the Guardians of the Universe to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps for his honor and fearlessness. At his height, he was considered to be the greatest of all the Green Lanterns, and Sector 1417 was almost entirely devoid of crime and lawlessness under his vigilant protection. The Guardians had never erred in their judgment before, and he would later be considered one of their greatest mistakes.

His prowess was so great that he was assigned as a mentor to a number of rookie lanterns showing similar promise...the greatest of which would be his last student, Hal Jordan. Ganthet had specifically requested that the two train together, and they quickly became great friends.

Throughout his time in the Corps, Abin Sur was Thaal Sinestro's best friend and trusted confidante, so much so that they considered each other to be brothers. He would eventually fall in love with and marry Arin Sur, his friend's sister, and the two would have a child together. Abin confided in Sinestro what he had learned of the Blackest Night, where a darkness would rise to destroy all life, something Sinestro dismissed as lies by the Five Inversions who told Abin the prophecy. Eventually, Abin was killed by the monster known as Atrocitus. Sinestro would later bring Atrocitus to justice for Abin's murder with the help of Abin's successor, Hal Jordan.

After Sinestro dropped him off at the prison world of Ysmault, Atrocitus taunts Sinestro with a prophecy of the chaos and deadly coup that would lead to Sinestro's fall from grace. However, Sinestro ignores him and leaves. However, as he became increasingly stressed with keeping his sector as perfect and as ordered as he needed it to be, Sinestro slowly became more unhinged and started employing more questionable tactics in his behavior. His actions were unwelcome by the Korugarans, and threats were made against his family. Arin recognized the danger posed by Sinestro's methods and secretly gave their daughter away. Sinestro would be unable to find his daughter, and Arin soon died through unknown circumstances.

On their first diplomatic assignment, Hal proved to be reckless and Sinestro believed that he was a waste of his time. Then upon returning to his home planet of Korugar, they were met with very much opposition and Hal discovered that Sinestro forced his planet to worship him and that he had a very strict and unjust set of rules. After being gone so long, Korugar's citizens rebelled and Sinestro lost control.

After a short battle, Hal knocked some sense into Sinestro and he realized that he must hide for the Guardians will punish both of them. After hiding in one of Earth's prisons with Hal Jordan, Oan manhunters brought him to Oa and he was tried. After Hal testified against him, Sinestro swore revenge against Hal and the Corps right before he was banished to Qward in the Antimatter Universe. There, he met the Weaponers of Qward, who helped him forge a yellow power ring to counter the Green Lantern Corps.

Sinestro was captured and imprisoned within the Central Power Battery. After being converted into energy inside the Oan power battery, Sinestro waited for the opportune moment to strike back. In the battery, Sinestro also spoke with Parallax, which was the source of the yellow impurity in all Green Lantern rings.

Alternate Timeline[]

In the alternate timeline, Sinestro and his corps come under attack on the planet Korugar by Brainiac. While the Green Lantern corps are sent to blockade the planet and contain the two groups, Sinestro's corps are gradually overpowered as Brainiac discovers and begins siphoning power from the Central Power Battery.
In a last ditch attack with Hal Jordan's assistance, Sinestro attempts to attack Brainiac himself only to discover that the Brainiac present at the battle was a hologram.
With his power battery abducted and power ring useless, Sinestro is eventually killed when Brainiac's robots attack and injure Hal Jordan; who was attempting to keep them alive in the vacuum of space.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Sinestro (Metropolis City Hall)
  • Parallax (Sinestro)




  • Sinestro has been captured by the Justice Society of America somewhere in Metropolis. Lex Luthor advises you to break into the JSA Safehouse located in Metropolis to free Sinestro.
  • Recruited by Sinestro, villain players are sent to stop Larfleeze and his Orange Lantern Corps from stealing various Christmas presents and gifts from Gotham City and Metropolis and sending them to Okaara during the Winter Holidays Seasonal Event.
  • Sinestro supports the new villains in infiltrating the Oan Sciencells to free captured Sinestro Corps members.
  • Sinestro is the quest master in the tier 5 eight player operation Assault and Battery from the War of the Light Part I DLC.

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  • Sinestro's original appearance in DC Universe Online received an texture update in Game Update 115.
  • Sinestro first appeared in Green Lantern #7 (August 1961)
  • Sinestro's voice is provided by voice actor Scottie Ray.
  • Sinestro wields a yellow power ring that is functionally similar to those of the Green Lanterns, granting him flight, the ability to survive in any environment and the ability to create constructs of any shape and size. The ring must be regularly recharged with the aid of a power battery shaped like a lantern.
  • Sinestro's oath is "In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what's right, burn like my power, Sinestro's might!"
  • Highly intelligent with an almost unbreakable will, Thaal Sinestro will do anything to achieve control and thereby order—control over his emotions, control over others, and even control over the entire universe.
  • Sinestro has an innate understanding of the fears of others, even without access to his ring. He also seems to have some form of mental link with his corps members which possibly is attributed to his understanding of others fears as well.
  • Steadfast in his belief of moral superiority and methods of maintaining order, Sinestro formed the Sinestro Corps, harnessing the yellow energy of fear, to not only combat the Guardians, whom he sees as the main obstacle on the path to intergalactic peace, but to also strengthen the Green Lantern Corps. For it is Sinestro’s opinion that the Green Lanterns have long since been held back by their creators.
  • According to Ion, the living embodiment of willpower, Sinestro has the single most indomitable will in all of creation.
  • Sinestro is usually portrayed as being left-handed.
  • Sinestro's predecessor has been said to be either Jewelius Blak or Prohl Gosgotha.


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