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Sidekicks and Accomplices are NPCs that can be summoned by the Player Character via Dispenser Items provided by their Lair's Mainframe to support them in combat. Lair System access is necessary to use these Trinkets.

Players can choose the weapon their Sidekick/Accomplice will use. Sidekicks and Accomplices act in a similar manner to Pets and will stay with the Player for 50 seconds before being subjected to a 3-and-a-half minute cool-down period, after which they can be summoned again.

Appearance and Upgrades[]

The four stages of a male Sidekick/Accomplice

Sidekicks (Heroes) and Accomplices (Villains) can be upgraded via the Mainframe, with each upgrade allowing the NPC to be more effective in supporting the player in combat.

The gender of the Sidekick/Accomplice will match the gender of the Player Character (e.g. Female Player Character = Female Sidekick/Accomplice).

Level Title Actions
Level 1 Sidekick Attacks Enemies
Level 2 Improved Sidekick Attacks Enemies, Heals Caster
Level 3 Seasoned Sidekick  Taunts, Attacks Enemies, Heals Caster, Replenishes Power, Shields


Prior to Game Update 47 there were 5 possible levels for your Sidekick/Accomplice. Levels 1 and 2 are unchanged, but previously level 3 (originally called 'talented sidekick') only attacked enemies, taunted, and healed the caster. Level 4 (originally called 'elite sidekick') added the ability to replenish power to the caster and level 5 was the same as level 3, today.



  • Many of the "big name" heroes have had sidekicks or at least a protégée at one point in their careers; most notably Batman whose famous sidekick/partner goes by the name of Robin.
  • Other heroes and villains who have had a sidekick, protégée or noted accomplice during their careers are; Wonder Woman, Superman, Joker, Lex Luthor, Booster Gold, Steel, Green Arrow, Flash (Barry Allen), Aquaman, Deathstroke, the Riddler and Martian Manhunter.
  • Snapper Carr is a civilian who was enlisted as an honorary member, temporary mascot and sidekick to the entire Justice League of America. He currently operates as a member of Checkmate.
  • During his time in New York, Green Lantern (Alan Scott) had a sidekick in the form of a cab driver called Doiby Dickles (Derby Dickles), who aided Scott in fighting Nazis and at one point helped the hero save an alien princess from a galactic tyrant. Becoming enamored with the cab driver, the princess and Doiby eventually wed and Dickles now lives peacefully on his wife's home planet of Myrg.
  • In the TV show Static Shock, Static had a sidekick named Gear, who is Richard Osgood "Richie" Foley, Virgil Hawkins' best friend.
    • In the comics, a girl named Freida Goren fulfilled Gear's role as sidekick. Gear doesn't appear in the comics.
    • Gear is actually based on Richard "Rick" Stone, Static's best friend in the comics.