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A Shield Power reduces incoming damage.
Most Shield Powers absorb incoming damage until a Shield Cap is reached.
Shield Cap = Base Shield Multiplier * (112.5% Restoration + 150% Dominance)
Note: The Base Shield Multiplier may be different for each Shield power.
Some Damage Prevention Powers only absorb a percentage of incoming damage.

While Shield Powers visually negate damege (with a grey hitsplat), most are actually healing effects that apply immediately after taking damage. They are counted as healing in combat messages, and if you take a single hit that is equal or greater than your remaining health, you will be KO'ed even if the hit would be lesser than your health plus your shield.

Damage Prevention Powers[]

Power Set Powers
Acrobatics Perfect Poise
Atomic Density, Mass Density
Celestial Blessing, Consecrated Ground, Sacrifice
Earth Envelop, Gemstone Shield
Electricity Group Transducer, Flux
Fire Immolation
Flight Dustoff
Gadgets Battle Drone, Distract, Holographic Decoy, Neural Neutralizer
Ice Hibernation, Reflection, Shatter Restraints, Winter Ward
Iconic Amazonium Deflection, Clown Box, Hard Light Shield
Light Group Shielding, Light Barrier
Mental Bastion, Grandeur, Telekinetic Shield
Munitions Active Protection System, Mounted Turret, Rocket Jump, Rocket Retreat, Survival
Nature Swarm Shield
Rage Redirected Rage
Quantum Closed Loop, Event Horizon, Oblivion, Quantum Tunneling, Time Bubble
Skimming Dustoff
Sorcery Boon of Souls, Transcendence
Super Speed Dash Attack, Phase Dodge
Water Bubble, Flood of Power, Tempest Guard