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Shadow Hearts is a level 17 villain mission started upon the completion of Dark Shadows.

Watch out for the STAR Labs personnel stationed on roofs, as well as Doctor Fate.


"Ah, the sweet sound of a broken heart! The Heart of Darkness reaches out to corrupt humans into shadowmen under Eclipso's power. The Sentinels cling to their little relics in the hope of cleansing the area, but don't let that stand in our way." — Circe
  • Find and protect citizens corrupted by the darkness as they transform into Shadowmen (0/5)
  • Remove the relics the Sentinels are using to purify the area by transporting them to the Circle of Corruption (0/10)
"The Sentinels of Magic are supposed to prevent you from doing things like that. Maybe they need to go back to good witch school." — Calculator

Upon completion, Nightfall is automatically started.

Freelance Mission[]


  • Cash: 80
  • Grips of the Shadowmen