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Seeds of Change is a level 12 mission given by Hazmat Rhoades who is located at the northeast corner of the Giordano Botanical Gardens under the railway, two blocks south of the A Twisted Web starting location.

Collect seed pods for Hazmat Rhoades.

MGOT101 SKYBOX-PC-25-19.40

Green Ivy seed

The seed pods players must collect.


  • Transport Green Ivy Seed Pods for Hazmat Research (0/5) (218 xp)


  • While technically, you need to transport the pods to the truck next to Rhoades (which is rather tricky as it is quite small and labeled as a target area), often you would gain credit just to bring it into the area, but not always.
  • Beware of Mandrakes and the rampaging Solomon Grundy.
  • This is a side mission of Lethal Pod-Cast.