The Secret Society of Super-Villains is one of the largest and most significant convocations of criminals ever assembled. They have often clashed with the Justice League of America.


Originally created by the New God, Darkseid, as an underground organization that would rid the Earth of its super heroes, the Society's various incarnations have all been formed primarily to combat and attempt to destroy hero groups like the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America.

The organization's largest and possibly most notable incarnation was formed originally as an act of communal vengeance against the hero community following the revelation that certain heroes had taken to altering the personalities of villains in order to "rehabilitate" them.

Headed by Alexander Luthor Jr., posing as Lex Luthor, the Society declared war against the hero community; although the Society itself was another tool used by Alexander in his scheme to alter the Multiverse.



  • Villains are recruited into the Society and are allowed to access the functions of the Hall of Doom. They also receive missions from various members of the Society. Calculator is the main contact for the team.
  • A small Society strike force consisting of Bizarro, Deathstroke, Solomon Grundy, and Killer Frost is sent to assist the player group in battling Doomsday during the Smallville alert.
  • Villains can obtain the Society Logo as an Emblem if they have completed all of their storyline missions.




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  • The Secret Society of Super Villains first appeared in "Secret Society of Super Villains" #1 (May 1976).


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