Sea of Love is a mission for new heroes and new villains on occasion of the Valentine's Day 2018.

It will automatically appear in the mission journal once player characters have spoken to Hal Jordan in the East End Police Station or to Mister Freeze in the North Burnley Nightclub.


Mera is spending Valentine's Day on dry land to act on Aquaman's behalf to negotiate peace with the surface world. White the rest of the world celebrates a day of love, Mera is apart from Aquaman. She not only misses him, but wishes she could aid and protect him during these troubled times for Atlantis.


  • Speak with Mera in Gotham City about Valentine's Day
  • Find a Memento of A Thousand Ships to Sail
  • Find a Memento of Lighthouse of Love
  • Find a Memento of Comfort Food
  • Find a Memento of Sweets for the Sweet
  • Find a Memento of A Husband's Plea
  • Find a Memento of For His Pleasure
  • Find a Memento of Mera: Warrior Princess
  • Find a Memento of Forgive and Forget
  • Find a Memento of A Love Not Fragile
  • Find a Memento of Not Untested


After speaking to Mera it is advisable to track the mission via your journal since the mission area will be marked. You need to find 10 Seahorse statues, use those and listen to the mementos.

The statues will have a white marker on the mini-map.

Map - Sea of Love





DCUO Sea of Love Mission Guide Valentine's Day Event 2018

DCUO Sea of Love Mission Guide Valentine's Day Event 2018

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