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Save the World is a common mission received by all hero characters after completing The Awakening. Upon exiting the previous mission, players are transported to one of three different Safehouses, selected by the choice of Mentor selected at character creation, and are given a tour by Oracle.

This mission no longer exists; currently, upon completing The Awakening, one of the next 3 origin-dependent missions are started automatically instead.


Players have escaped from Brainiac, and following the guidance of Oracle, find themselves in one of the safehouses that can be found in Metropolis and Gotham City.


"Tour the Police Station Safehouse."

This mission takes place in one of three possible Safehouses, depending on a character's selection of Mentor.

"Now this is the mail room, with the mailboxes, of course, plus the Watchtower teleporter, your PVP and Alert holograms... Go ahead, check your mail. I sent you something. Then find Lightkeeper Ambrose/Sergeant Doak/Protostar-SL Blakely - he/she has a message from Wonder Woman/Batman/Superman" — Oracle


  • Find Safehouse Vendors
  • Find Safehouse Mailroom
  • Speak with Lightkeeper Ambrose/Sergeant Doak/Protostar-SL Blakely


"This is Wonder Woman. Your ability to break free from Brainiac is an impressive statement to your new magical powers. I am asking you to use these now, in the fight for freedom and truth. Felix Faust and his Magents are stealing souls in Chinatown. Your aid could tip the balance." — Wonder Woman

Upon completion, Heart and Soul is started.


"This is Batman. I understand you just destroyed a Brainiac ship. Impressive. Let's see if you can handle hero work on the ground. The Scarecrow has escaped from Arkham Asylum and is filling the East End with fear gas. Ready to face your nightmares?" — Batman

Upon completion, Panic Attack is started.


"This is Superman. I saw how you dealt with Brainiac. I'm asking you to help us with a situation in Metropolis. With the Brainiac attacks we need all the help we can get. Gorilla Grodd's army is attacking and devolving humans into apes. We've got to stop them before they overtake Metropolis!" — Superman

Upon completion, Gorillas By The Sea is started.


  • 6 Cash
  • 217 xp upon completion (level 3)