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Saint Walker is the first and primary lantern of the Blue Lantern Corps. Perpetually idealistic and always an optimist, Saint Walker values the ideals of hope and hopes to spread the faith in order to assure a better future.


A highly religious man on the world Astonia, Bro'Dee "Saint" Walker was a strong, faithful believer in his planet's version of an all-powerful deity.

When his people faced a dying sun, the revelation resulted in terror and panicked violence in the streets. However, Walker kept the faith and had a vision to find his God's "Messiah" at the top of Mount Helious. Saint Walker left with his family to reach the top of the mountain, after nine days of pain and dehydration, Walker finally reached the top to find no one there. Close to losing all hope, a storm broke out and the water sliding off the monolith gave off his reflection. Realizing that he was to be the "Messiah", Walker descended from the mountain and managed to calm his people down and led them to believe in the hope for a future.
Witnessing his endeavor, Oan Guardians Ganthet and Sayd replenished the planet's sun, regressing its age by 8.9 billion years, and presented Walker with a Blue Lantern power ring to become the first member of the new Blue Lantern Corps.

Brought back to the Blue Lantern Corps home world of Odym, Walker spent several days with the Guardians to be further evaluated, explaining to him what it truly meant to be a Blue Lantern and to join their cause. After his acceptance into the Blue Lantern Corps, Saint Walker embarked and brought Brother Warth of Space Sector 2 to Odym before being sent to seek out Green Lantern Hal Jordan and assist him in the growing turmoil surrounding the rising lantern corps.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Saint Walker (Legends PvP)




  • Saint Walker is the last boss in the Assault and Battery Tier 5 Operation for Villains. He is assisted by Hal Jordan in taking down the player group.


  • Saint Walker first appeared in Green Lantern #25 (December 2007)
  • Bro'Dee Walker had a father as well as a wife and two children, all of whom perished during the pilgrimage up the mountain.
  • Each Blue Lantern is responsible for choosing the Blue Lantern for the next space sector. For Space Sector 2, Walker chose Brother Warth.
  • In Legends PvP some of his battle quotes are references to the show Green Lantern: The Animated Series.


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