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STAR Labs Facility is one of the locations of S.T.A.R. Labs where exobytes are researched.

In-Game History[]


  • STAR Labs Facility is a tier 2 Challenge instance. Lex Luthor and his minions are attempting to steal S.T.A.R. Labs' exobytes and is opposed by Superman and S.T.A.R. Labs personnel.
  • A part of the Mist Recovery operation takes place in the STAR Labs Facility.



STAR Labs Facility is one of the fastest challenges to complete because you can skip almost all of the instance other than the boss fight. All you need to do is activate the console to open the first door. This is most easily done with Flight (with Supersonic unlocked) with 2 Shield Powers; use your first right before running into the first mobs and activate the console, then use your second (Hard-Light Shield is helpful since it is available to any player regardless of Powers) to rush to the boss fight. Shield Powers allow you to activate the console uninterrupted and go into high speed with Movement Modes. You can reach the boss fight in about 35 seconds.

With the House of Legends (Episode) release, STAR Labs Facility became one of the easiest ways to get Source Marks and generic gear. Like most other instances, its difficulty is now scaled, but still very fast due to the aforementioned reasons.

For heroes, they need to talk to Superman at the final chamber to start the boss fight against Lex Luthor.

For villains, the objective tells you to talk to Agent Integrity, but this is not actually required and you can run straight to the boss room and talk to Lex Luthor to start the boss fight against Superman. However, it is harder to villains because, for reasons unknown, when a hero player talks to Superman, all enemy mobs except 3 immediately vanish when the cutscene starts. This does not occur for villains, and the boss room only becomes locked at the end of the cutscene, which can allow in many mobs.

The boss fight is fairly similar for both heroes and villains. The boss takes greatly reduced damage by default; you must activate one of the three pulsars (round table-like devices around the chamber) to make them vulnerable. This needs to be done again with a different device when they fall below 2/3 and then 1/3 health (the order of activation is random for each time you play though the instance). After all 3 has been activated, the boss must be defeated within 30 seconds - or they would become invulnerable to all damage and deal massive damage with every hit, forcing you to be KO'ed and start over.

When defeated, the opponent would flee and your ally would congratulate you.




  • To villain players, the On Duty menu incorrectly display the hero description for Circe's Stronghold (which is listed directly underneath) for this instance.
  • The location is labelled as "STAR's Secret Lab" on the text pop-up upon entry.
  • If you lead mobs into the boss room, defeat the boss, allow the mobs to KO your ally, then defeat the mobs, you would become stuck in the boss room which remains locked, you can't warp because you would still be considered in combat, and you need to talk to your ally to open the exit portal (your ally would simply disappear after being KO'ed). The only way out is to exit the game itself.