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DCUO roleplay part 1-2
DCUO Roleplaying!!!

DCUO Roleplaying!!!

Some people on dc like to role-play. A lot of people may hang out in Metropolis and role-play with their friends.

What Is Role-play?Edit

Role-play means to act as another character, which is not limited to being yourself. During role-play, players can't damage others because it is just pretending. Role-players pretend to do certain things and act out scenes.

They Are Funny And EntertainingEdit

There are a lot of DCUO role-play videos on YouTube, feel free to look them up and watch some. If you are role-playing in a public area other people can watch or ask to join in. Some of the things people say in role-plays are hilarious.

In role-plays, you can pretend to be your favorite iconic characters whether it'd be DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Anime or anything that you are interested in. 

While role-plays can be fun, it is important to keep it friendly and no swear words should be used, which could get you reported, suspended or banned. 

With diverse locales DC Universe Online has to offer, there are many options for you to act out scenes. If you are looking for a dark place to role-play, chose Gotham. If you want to film in a nice kind of city, you could use Metropolis. If you seek something futuristic or heroic, choose the Watchtower. If you are seeking a villain lair or villain base or something that just looks high tech, choose the Hall Of Doom.

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