The Riot Control Prototype (R.C.P.) is a large spider drone designed to fend off invaders within the Batcave: Outer Caverns.

The drone is the first boss encountered in the Batcave: Outer Caverns raid.

Involvement Edit

  • Brother Eye and Brainiac have taken over the Batcave's mainframe and, along with it, the substantial automated defense and security forces. Both heroes and villains battle against Earth's real enemy in this 8-player raid.

Combat TipsEdit

Additional spider drones constantly enter the arena to aid it - one tank and damage dealer should be committed to killing these or they will overwhelm the raid. These drones will attempt to incapacitate their targets with foam - players must move until the foam on their body disappears or they will be stunned and take heavy damage.

Phase OneEdit

The R.C.P. will begin by releasing mines and firing its machineguns. When enough health is lost, it will enter the next phase.

Phase TwoEdit

At 50% hp, the fight will enter phase two. In this phase there will be a new add type, Ambush Drones, which will perma-stun their target until interrupted. These need to be focused as incapacitating a tank or healer can easily wipe the raid.

Phase ThreeEdit

After being brough down to about 10% health, the R.C.P. will activate a shield, making it invulnerable. To finish it off the raid must first destroy the newly spawned Flashbang Drones and throw the grenades they drop at the boss. Players should look for clear shots, as the flashbangs will detonate on the first hit and too many misses will cause the boss to enrage and wipe the raid.

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