"It seems that the Emotional Spectrum's resident Scrooge wasn't content with stealing presents. This time, Larfleeze has set his sights on the Sinestro Corps' Power Rings. He's snatched them up from the fallen Corps in Downtown Metropolis. Now, he's probably doing the backstroke in a vault filled with them. Our pal, Sinestro's busy beating the green out of Hal Jordan and company, so it's up to you to steal those Rings back. [typing] Hmm... I've pinpointed the excessive ring energy to a secret research facility. Get over there and ruin his holidays." — Calculator

Ring in the Holidays is a mission automatically appearing in the player journals once the open world mission of the winter holidays event has been finished.


Larfleeze's greed knows no bounds. He has stolen Sinestro Corps Power Rings from the defeated Corps in the warzone near Downtown Metropolis. Open your On Duty tab, queue up for the Secret Research Facility event, and ruin Larfleeze's holidays!




6 HollyLeaves


In order to get this mission and its extra reward, the player needs to have completed the open world mission Season's Greedings. Just queueing into the Secret Research Facility via the On Duty Menu and skipping the open world mission will not grant this mission's reward.

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