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The Riddler is a super-villain who uses riddles and puzzles to commit his crimes. He is a deranged genius who feels a psychological compulsion to demonstrate his intellectual superiority.

Determined to be the cleverest of Gotham City's criminals, he constructed elaborate crimes while delivering clues daring law enforcement to catch him.


Edward Nigma's schoolteacher once held a contest to see which one of her pupils could assemble a puzzle the fastest. Nigma secretly photographed the assembled puzzle and studied its formation so that he could easily win. After this event, puzzles became his life. Failing in school, he took a job as a carnival barker; running a rigged puzzle booth. From there he turned to crime full-time as The Riddler; a puzzle master who leaves clues to his crimes as a challenge for those who wish to thwart him, primarily his adversary Batman.

Following a bad turn with his fellow rogues, Nigma decides to drop super-villainy and pulls a couple of last jobs like a "normal" crook to get the funding to get back on his feet. However, when the Batman still stops him because he had been subconsciously leaving clues behind, he realizes that he wasn't the "brilliant mastermind" that he thought he was and that he had an actual compulsion he could not control.

After surrendering and asking Batman to take him to Arkham Asylum to be treated and eventually released, Nigma turned to legitimate detective work specializing in bizarre and unexplainable crimes, although he still dabbled with contacts from his previous enterprises.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Riddler (Monarch Playing Card Company)
  • Riddler-Bat



  • Offering insight into who is providing the Joker with his new toxins and robots, the player must track down and save the Riddler from Deathstroke (whom the Joker had hired to kill the Riddler) when Riddler is found in the Monarch Playing Card Company.


  • The Riddler offers Investigations and is found in the Armory of the Hall of Doom.

Associated Equipment[]


  • The Riddler first appeared in Detective Comics #140 (October 1948).
  • The Riddler's voice is provided by Shannon McCormick.
  • The Riddler sees himself as far superior to most of the other villains and believes that they lack "true commitment".
  • A relatively poor fighter, Riddler instead relies on his henchwomen, Query and Echo, to do the physical work.
  • Several Gotham criminals have their own code words that they use when they call the GCPD to distinguish themselves from prank phone calls. The Riddler chose "Oedipus" as his code word (referring to when Oedipus solved the riddle of the Sphinx). His code word for contacting the Batman is "The Hanging Man" (referring to the game Hangman).
  • The Riddler's online screen name is "Wizard101".


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