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Reverse is a costume style set for villains only available in the Lightning Strikes episode.

Accessible only with the Lightning Strikes episode and having a Combat Rating of at least 53, you gain access to Central City through the Hangar of the Hall of Doom in the Tech Wing where next to the teleporter over at Central City the vendor Short Order is located, offering the set through various crates around him as 'Souvenirs'. Interacting with them opens up a window similar to a real vendor where you can trade your Mark of Triumph for the set pieces and various non-set role specific rings/necklaces/weapons, depending on which crate you interact with.

All items on offer have a Combat Rating of 62.

Purchasing the whole Style Set requires at least 3578 Cash and 4200 Mark of Triumph

Each crate displays with the Role icon which type of gear they offer.

The set is also available as style items from Vending Unit 00 near The Pit.

The costume style is also available for heroes or villains as style items from Evil Star in the Archive of Victory of the House of Legends.


High Voltage (Damage)DPSIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • Slipstream Assault Helmet (head)
  • Slipstream Assault Mask (face)
  • Slipstream Assault Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Slipstream Assault Chestplate (chest)
  • Slipstream Assault Legplates (legs)
  • Slipstream Assault Boots (feet)
  • Slipstream Assault Gloves (hands)
  • Slipstream Assault Belt (waist)
  • Slipstream Assault Back Protector (back)
High Voltage (Controller)ControllerIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • Slipstream Energy Helmet (head)
  • Slipstream Energy Mask (face)
  • Slipstream Energy Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Slipstream Energy Chestplate (chest)
  • Slipstream Energy Legplates (legs)
  • Slipstream Energy Boots (feet)
  • Slipstream Energy Gloves (hands)
  • Slipstream Energy Belt (waist)
  • Slipstream Energy Back Protector (back)
High Voltage (Healer)HealerIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • Slipstream Recovery Helmet (head)
  • Slipstream Recovery Mask (face)
  • Slipstream Recovery Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Slipstream Recovery Chestplate (chest)
  • Slipstream Recovery Legplates (legs)
  • Slipstream Recovery Boots (feet)
  • Slipstream Recovery Gloves (hands)
  • Slipstream Recovery Belt (waist)
  • Slipstream Recovery Back Protector (back)
High Voltage (Tank)TankIcon
Pieces Obtainment
  • Slipstream Defense Helmet (head)
  • Slipstream Defense Mask (face)
  • Slipstream Defense Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Slipstream Defense Chestplate (chest)
  • Slipstream Defense Legplates (legs)
  • Slipstream Defense Boots (feet)
  • Slipstream Defense Gloves (hands)
  • Slipstream Defense Belt (waist)
  • Slipstream Defense Back Protector (back)

Reverse (Style)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Reverse Helmet (head)
  • Reverse Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Reverse Chestplate (chest)
  • Reverse Legplates (legs)
  • Reverse Boots (feet)
  • Reverse Gloves (hands)
  • Reverse Belt (waist)
  • Reverse Back Protector (back)
  • Reverse Helmet (head)
  • Slipstream Assault Mask (face)
  • Reverse Spaulders (shoulders)
  • Reverse Chestplate (chest)
  • Reverse Legplates (legs)
  • Reverse Boots (feet)
  • Reverse Gloves (hands)
  • Reverse Belt (waist)
  • Reverse Back Protector (back)




The Reverse' overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems can appear on the suit since game update 24.



  • The hand, shoulders and feet emit electrical current sparks when worn.


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