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Research & Development is a level 10 mission that serves as an introduction to the Research and Development system.


This mission is available after the player has completed Intro the Watchtower (hero) or Intro the Hall of Doom (villain).

"You're doing a great job out there, but as your challenges get more difficult you'll want to do some R&D to modify your equipment or even create some support items. The Lords of Order, Project Cadmus and Magnus Robotics have stepped up to offer a hand. Since you've got a knack with magic, why don't you go chat with the Phantom Stranger in the Magic Wing. He's not much into chit chat but he can give you the 411 on Research and Development." — Oracle

Calculator has asked you to talk to Tala in the Magic Wing. She's got information about the parts and labor involved with R&D.

"So, kudos to you, you're not dead yet. You've already exceeded expectations. But as your exploits get trickier you'll want to do some R&D to beef up your equipment or even make some support items. The Lords of Chaos, the Agenda and Oolong have set up shop in the Hall of Doom. They can help you figure out how to modify your gear. Since you seem to have a knack for black magic, you should go speak with Tala in the Magic Wing, she can instruct you on Research and Development. And I'm sure she'd be pleased to see someone with your power." — Calculator


The player must talk to the respective director of their faction, all found on the Hall of Doom or the Watchtower.

Will Magnus R&D

Will Magnus next to the Tech R&D center.

  • Magic heroes must talk to Phantom Stranger of the Lords of Order. He is found at the north area of the Magic wing.
  • Tech heroes must talk to Will Magnus of Magnus Robotics. He is found at the south area of the Tech wing.
  • Magic villains must talk to Tala of the Lords of Chaos. She is found within the Armory.
  • Meta villains must talk to Dabney Donovan of the Agenda. He is found at the south side of the Power Core.
  • Tech villains must talk to Doctor Sivana of Oolong. He is found within the Hangar.

Talking to one of the other faction's director will not work.

After a short explanation of the Research and Development system, the mission is complete.


R&D complete

Mission complete!