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Reign of Blood is a level 7 villain mission for magic villains, starting automatically upon the completion of Trigon's Blood. It begins near the entrance of the Sentinels of Magic Citadel and it takes place in the Chinatown district of the city of Metropolis. Reign of Blood is part of the Sins of the Father story arc.


Wrath Demons are rampaging in Metropolis. Circe comes on the scene threatening Doctor Fate that Trigon will rise, while Wonder Woman tries to warn new magic villains to reject Circe's evil and bring the fight to Brainiac.


Part 1[]


"Now to destroy the Ankh of Power inside the Sentinel Base. Use the orbs inside to summon demons against the Sentinels' pathetic shields. Once the Ankh is drained, Brother Blood will join you... to defeat Fate himself." — Circe


  • Find and drain the Ankh of Power within the Sentinel base.
    1. Go to Sentinels of Magic Citadel to Continue your Mission.
    2. Reach Ankh of Power
      • Summon Wrath Demons to Break Down Barrier.
    3. Drain Ankh of Power
"Who dares to desecrate this sacred stronghold?!?" — Doctor Fate

Part 2[]


"Doctor Fate. Today you and your sentinels will fall!" — Brother Blood

Defeat Doctor Fate.

  • Doctor Fate is in an Invulnerable Shield.
  • Avoid Doctor Fate Displacer Orbs.
  • Go to Brother Blood to steal life from Doctor Fate.
"Your victory is temporary, Blood, that much is constant." — Doctor Fate

Part 3[]


Speak with Brother Blood.

"With Fate and his Ankh defeated, the door to Trigon's dimension opens! When Trigon rises, I will remember the part you played!" — Brother Blood


"You just leveled Doctor Fate... he's a Lord of Order, you know! I think we'll be keeping you real busy!" — Calculator


The mission takes place in the Sentinels of Magic Citadel instance.



Prophet's War Standard


Upon completion, Blood Triumphant is automatically started.



  • After defeating many sentinels, you must defeat Doctor Fate. Keep moving when he uses displacement orbs. Stay next to Brother Blood when he is draining Doctor Fate to be healed slightly.