Talk Screen - T.O. Morrow
"Our little siege has reeeally turned this place over. It's like the robot apocalypse out there, circuits and scraps everywhere. Steel's sending out some robots to collect those scraps for recycling and reuse. Put a stop to his socially responsible efforts - I don't want him making any refurbished robots out of those parts." — T.O. Morrow

Refurbished Robots is one of the daily missions for villains in the Stealing from Steel set. It requires Home Turf episode access and a combat rating of 70+.


Steelworks Robots are collecting the debris of destroyed Robots. Therese parts can be used by either side to repair and replace robots. Collect parts for T.O. Morrow and stop Steel's robots from doing the same.'


  • Intro Message
  • Destroy Steel's Salvage Robots to prevent them from collectiong parts and scraps for reuse
  • Secure the remnants of battle robots for T.O. Morrow's research
  • Wait for T.O. Morrow to contact you with further instructions
  • Use the terminal to open the storage facility door
  • Steel has recovered one of T.O. Morrow's fallen Oolong robots; it must be destroyed
  • Return to the Steelworks staging area and speak with Morrowbot U14





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