The Red Tornado is an android who was created by the mad scientist T.O. Morrow as a weapon against the Justice League of America. However, Tornado has a mind of his own and went against his programming to befriend the Justice League members and fight for the right of freedom.


Originally the Tornado Champion from the planet Rann, the Red Tornado is a living cyclone that journeyed to Earth and found its sentience infused within an android body created by the renegade scientist T.O. Morrow to destroy the Justice League of America.

However, Red Tornado turned on his creator and joined the JLA instead. Calling himself John Smith, he married Kathy Sutton and adopted an orphan girl called Traya before sacrificing his android body in the line of duty and reconstituting himself as the Earth's Air Elemental.

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  • Hero players can obtain the Elemental Android PvP costume style, the appearance of which is inspired by Red Tornado.


  • Red Tornado first appeared in Justice League of America #17 (February 1963)
  • Red Tornado's voice is provided by Troy Baker.
  • The first Red Tornado was a woman in the early 1940's who, inspired by her son's admiration for the superhero Green Lantern, adopted the identity of the Red Tornado to fight local criminals in her New York City neighborhood. Her name was Ma Hunkel.
  • Red Tornado can produce winds of up to 350 mph.
  • A button on his neck can disarm Red Tornado should he lose control.
  • Red Tornado's friends and team mates call him "Reddy".
  • Red Tornado has detailed files on over 1500 super heroes that he is constantly updating. There are 19 files on Hawkman alone.


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