Timothy Drake became Red Robin after relinquishing his previous role as the third Robin to Damian Wayne.

Proving himself in combat time and again and eventually become one of the world's greatest detectives, even helping in the formation of hero groups such as Young Justice and the Teen Titans, as a member of the Bat Family Drake continues to use his considerable intellect and deductive prowess to serve the fight for justice in Gotham City.


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  • Red Robin is involved in the initial event to Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. After Cyborg explains that he is to join the Justice League, Red Robin explains that Robin (Damian Wayne) is taking his place and, to mark the moment, is taking up the moniker "Red Robin" to show that he's graduated.
  • Red Robin assists the player party alongside Nightwing and Robin in the Titans: The Machine raid.

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  • Timothy Drake first appeared as Red Robin in Red Robin #1 (August, 2009).
  • Red Robin is best friends with Superboy and Kid Flash .
  • The costume Red Robin uses is his 2017 Rebirth costume


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