"With blood and rage of crimson red, Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead, Together with our hellish hate, We'll burn you all--That is your fate!" —Red Lantern Corps oath


The Red Lantern Corps symbol

The Red Lantern Corps was formed as a result of the atrocities committed by the Green Lantern and Sinestro corps.
Before recruiting sentient beings to the Green Lantern Corps, the Guardians formed a robotic army called the Manhunters to maintain order across the universe. After eons of service, a glitch arose within the Manhunters' programming, leading them to believe that the only way of maintaining order was to completely eradicate the universe of all known life.
Sector 666 fell victim to this new philosophy when the Manhunters slaughtered all but five of its inhabitants. The five survivors become known as the Five Inversions; a terrorist cell bent on the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe.

Incarcerated on the planet Ysmault, one member, Atrocitus, was so consumed by his rage that it results in the formation of the first red power battery. Atrocitus uses his power battery to bludgeon the other Inversions to death and forms a central power battery on Ysmault by using the blood of the other Inversions in blood magic rituals.
The battery stands before a great lake of blood from which he forms his red power ring as well as other rings and batteries used to form the Red Lantern Corps.


Players must battle their way through Coast City to Ferris Aircraft. Here they face the unbridled rage of the Red Lantern Corps in a showdown to save the city and the Universe.


Upon recruitment each Red Lantern in the Corps received a Power Ring, a Power Battery shaped like a lantern (with which the ring is recharged), and a uniform. Upon accepting the ring, the recruit's heart is rendered useless. As the ring takes over the bearer's cardiac faculties, their blood spoils from within, forcing them to expel the violently flammable and corrosive material from their mouths. Additionally, the Red Lanterns are reduced to an almost animalistic state, with only Atrocitus appearing to be in full control of himself.







  • The Red Lantern Corps first appeared in Green Lantern #25 (December 2007)
  • Some of the Corps' characteristics were inspired by the film 28 Days Later.
  • Sector 666 is a reference to the Mark of the Beast spoken of in Revelations from the New Testament.
  • DLC9: War for the Light Part 1, will have a new power, Rage, based on the Red Lantern Corps.


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