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STAR Labs and the hero Firestorm created the Reactor Core in able to power the entire Watchtower satellite.
A stunning example of energy and power, Hawkman and Cyborg frequently observe the core to ensure no fluctuations occur.

The Reactor Core can be accessed from the Watchtower Meta Wing.

In-game History[]

When Brainiac turned to attack the Watchtower, he did so by infiltrating the satellite and causing a disruption by freeing the inmates in the Watchtower Containment Facility. Using this as a distraction, he then attempted to overload the satellite's Reactor Core; the resulting explosion of which would destroy the entire satellite. The attempt was, however, stopped by a small group of heroes.

Locations and Inhabitants[]

Reactor Core




  • Legends PVP avatars are sold at the Vendor Kiosks of the Reactor Core.
  • Despite that the Reactor Core in the Meta wing is at the southern edge of the Watchtower, during the Watchtower Containment Facility alert player must go a long distance north from the Magic Wing (in the east area) to reach the Reactor Core.