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Raven in the Elsworth Hospital while fighting through all those demons for the "Killing Brother Blood" mission, is a big help.  During the first part of the objective, Zatanna helps out with the Minions of Lust.  Doctor Fate does not help with any of the minions but he does help with Brother Blood.  Raven on the other hand appears later in the hospital helping with killing not demons but cultists of Brother Blood.  After that you have a quick chat with her then move on to the next room. Once you defeat all demons in the lair you move on to a room with a summoning crystal to assemble more cultists next to Brother Blood.  As he makes a comment all three sorcerers appear.  Raven, Doctor Fate and Zatanna.  While battling demons Brother Blood summons more,  During the battle, Doctor Fate is more defensive, giving power to your character.  Zatanna is more offensive just pounding down the cultists.  Raven is both.  She gives power once in a while plus destroying minions.  But be careful, Brother Blood appears out of the blue absorbing life from your allies.  If you are a healer but you like being damage BE A HEALER!!!!  Once your allies die then Brother Blood absorbs their life force strengthing him more until he kills you...