Races can be found in both Gotham City and Metropolis. Each race has four possible finishing times, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Finishing a race with a platinum time for the first time awards experience.

Races can be divided into two main categories based on the ability to race alone or with others.

Single Player RacesEdit

Single player races can be divided into location, then into the different movement mode types. Beginner level races are further only available for the player's faction since those are near the safehouses.


Aerial Movement

Agile Movement

Swift Movement


Aerial Movement

Agile Movement

Swift Movement

Multiplayer RacesEdit

Up to 4 people can participate in a multiplayer race.

To commence the race all racers must stand in the circle then activate the race. There is a 10 second grace period in which potential racers have to join the race. The 10 second grace period begins when the first potential racer starts the race.



Seasonal RacesEdit

Valentine's DayEdit

St. Patrick's DayEdit

Unlocking SchemeEdit

Races unlock as the player advances towards level 30.

Race Type Unlock Level
Introductory 3
Rookie 6
Adept 15
Expert 20
Master 25


  • On several occasions the Flash and Superman have participated in numerous races for various reasons; ranging from willing events due to charity races or friendly competition to being forced to race against each other due to opposing goals or outside manipulation.
  • Race markers will change from purple to white after beating the race's preset time.
  • For many of the more advanced races, it it advisable to at least partly use the movement-mode-boost power since it is near to impossible to achieve a platinum time in normal fast movement mode. For Acrobatics that would be Rocket-assisted Glide, for Flight that would be Supersonic and for Super Speed that would be Speed Force. Although, on some occasions, using the boost will cause the player to advance too fast, skipping a node, or slipping away from the actual race area.
  • If you get mugged by the opposite faction while trying to master races, just change to PvE phase in the headquarters.
  • After the Home Turf update, some races such as the ones in the Steelworks and Ace Chemicals are now littered with dangerous mobs.
  • Three races around Robinson Park were removed from the game with game update 31 due to the overhaul and lowering of the Pillars of Hades.
  • With game update 42 all races were renamed to fit the new movement umbrella categories. Acrobat challenges became agile movement challenges, flight challenges became aerial movement challenges and speedster challenges became swift movement challenges.