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The Question is a world-class detective and investigator who mastered her skills while serving the Gotham City Police Department. In addition to her police training, she is proficient in a variety of martial arts; having being chosen and trained by the original Question (Vic Sage) to succeed him following his death from lung cancer.


The daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Renee Montoya graduated with top honors from the Gotham City Police Academy. As a beat cop, she single-handedly apprehended the serial killer Victor Zsasz. Officer Montoya further proved her capabilities under the command of Commissioner Gordon and his late wife, Lt. Sarah Essen-Gordon, the latter awarding Montoya her detective's shield. Detective Montoya's loyalty to Gordon was evident during Gotham City's lawless No Man's Land period when she remained in the quake-ravaged city to help restore order.
Montoya rejoined the Gotham City Police Department but left after the murder of her partner, Crispus Allen. She sank into depression and alcoholism, only emerging after Vic Sage, the Question, drew her into an Intergang plot to take over Gotham City. While fighting by Sage's side she reconnected with the crusader she had once been, and rekindled a romance with Kate Kane. The loss of Vic Sage to cancer convinced Montoya to continue her fight against crime as the new Question.

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  • The Question sends emails to the player congratulating and thanking them for every full Collection they complete.
  • Speak to The Question in Gotham's Diamond District Police Station to activate the Level 23 Religion of Crime mission that is available with March 2011's game update.
  • The Question supports the player while rescuing Batwoman and battling Bruno Mannheim in the Temple of Crime.

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  • Renee Montoya first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series before being introduced into the main DC continuity in Batman #475 (March 1992).
  • Renee and Katherine Kane were once lovers back when Kate was just a socialite and Montoya was an officer in the GCPD.
  • The Question's mask is made of Pseudoderm, a substance that looks exactly like skin.
  • When she was ten, Renee once found and took possession of a collection of six hundred issues (fifty-years worth) of Congo Bill World Travel magazines.
  • When Renee was charged with murder of the first degree, for which Two-Face had her framed in his attempt to force her to his arms, Bruce Wayne sent his personal lawyer, Rachel Green, to represent her.
  • As a private detective, Renee picks up cases via her website; http://ask-the-question.net/.
  • Amongst the followers of the Crime Bible, Renee is known as "The Faceless".
  • While not recognized as members of the Trenchcoat Brigade, both of the Questions are also detectives who investigate supernatural cases and wear trench coats.
  • Harvey Bullock likes The Question as mentioned in one of his conversation with GCPD Dispatch


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