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Punchline: Episode I is an Episode Briefing That can be found in the Otisburg district of Gotham. There are six parts that comprise this briefing, all of which can be found in Amusement Mile; this briefing is part of the Punchline story arc.


"Harley and Robin fight for sidekick supremacy at Amusement Mile!"


Part 1: Punchline I: Vicki Vale[]

Punchline I - Vicki Vale 1 Punchline I - Vicki Vale 1 Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Otisburg
  • Location: 'Amusement Mile', next to the water's edge and Two-Face, southeast from race starting point, near the roller coaster. *
  • Briefing: Vicki Vale: "Welcome to Gotham Now! with Vicki Vale. Harley Quinn, the clown princess of crime, the Joker's madcat mistress of mayhem. Gotham Now! has learned that her true name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel and that she was formerly the Joker's therapist at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, head of the asylum, declined to comment."

Part 2: Punchline I: Vicki Vale[]

Punchline I - Vicki Vale 2 Punchline I - Vicki Vale 2 Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Otisburg
  • Location: 'Amusement Mile', gazebo north of the Funhouse entrance.*
  • Briefing: Vicki Vale: "I'm Vicki Vale and this is JLA watch on one of the dreamy teen members of the international hero group: Robin, the sidekick half of the dynamic duo. This brash young acrobat is a street-smart brawler who has put the most hardened criminals behind bars. With Batman, or on his own, Robin is a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Gotham."

Part 3: Punchline I: Sergeant Carlin[]

Punchline I - Sergeant Carlin Punchline I - Sergeant Carlin Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Otisburg
  • Location: 'Amusement Mile', On the East docks at the end behind the Storage Containers. East of the roller coaster and Funhouse.*
  • Briefing: Announcer: "Unknown"

Part 4: Punchline I: Jack Ryder[]

Punchline I - Jack Ryder Punchline I - Jack Ryder Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Otisburg
  • Location: 'Amusement Mile', At the front of the boat in the docks, behind the wall at the point.*
  • Briefing: Jack Ryder: "This is Jack Ryder and you are wrong! Why? Because you think all the Joker's weapons do is go boom! But he's got new weapons friend, and they go boom alright, in your mind! If you think he'll be happy with just killing a few of us you're as deluded as he is friend, in fact, you are wrong."

Part 5: Punchline I: Joker[]

Punchline I - Joker Punchline I - Joker Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Burnley
  • Location: 'Amusement Mile', water tower next to the roller coaster and water. On the platform.*
  • Briefing: Joker: "What's more fun than a bomb? A giant bomb filled with Joker toxin of course! Especially this new stuff I've been whipping up. Use it on your friends, use it on the GCPD, use it on Batman and Robin! More than just a party favor, in fact, it's a blast."

Part 6: Punchline I: Batman[]

Punchline I - Batman Punchline I - Batman Map
  • Zone: Gotham
  • Region: Otisburg
  • Location: On the patio level (first level up from the ground) next to the door nearest the waterfront. Building north of the entrance to Amusement Mile, last building before Amusement Mile, next to the water, west of the gazebo.*
  • Briefing: Batman: "This is Batman to the GCPD. My analysis of the new Joker toxin shows it has definite mutanigenic qualities. Joker has delivered a killer punchline, but this sort of tech is beyond him. He can't be developing it alone. For now get emergency medical personnel ready, you'll be needing them."

{*}Thank you Kryces for information on these locations.

Meta Briefings[]

Punchline: Episode 1 is one of the briefings that comprise the meta briefing Punchline.


Upon completion of this briefing collection players receive a message from Vicki Vale, accessible from any Mail Terminal.

Mail Message[]

float:left From: Vicki Vale Subject: Briefing: Punchline I
"Gotham Now News Brief: Police are still dealing with a terrible scene at the old Amusement Mile park tonight. Though Joker, Harley Quinn, and his gang were stopped from killing Robin the Boy Wonder, many officers are still in treatment. For Gotham Now, I'm Vicki Vale."
Attachment: Creepy Clown Mask


Head2 3

This collection rewards the player with the Creepy Clown Mask head style item.



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