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"Taking the fight to the villains of the world, hey?" —Pulsar Ward

Pulsar Ward is a Vendor NPC only available for hero characters in the GCPD 12th Precinct safehouse.

A tech soldier from S.T.A.R. Labs, Ward sells PvP and rare-grade equipment to New Heroes.



  • Pulsar Ward is an orange-level Vendor for the Hero faction.

Vendor List[]

Berry Soder Cola Supreme MoneyPickup 726
MarkofConquest 300
Berry Soder Cola Plus MoneyPickup 552
MarkofConquest 300
Berry Soder Cola Classic MoneyPickup 378
MarkofConquest 300
Berry Soder Cola MoneyPickup 180
MarkofConquest 300
Helmet of Polaris MoneyPickup 167 File:.png
Duelist's Nth-Metal Shoulderguards MoneyPickup 133 File:.png
Wingman's Locket MoneyPickup 84 File:.png
Thalsallan Loop MoneyPickup 27 File:.png
Duelist's Nth-Metal Helmet MoneyPickup 236 File:.png
Tenacious Nth-Metal Shoulders MoneyPickup 202 File:.png
Nth-Metal Ncklace of the Migrators MoneyPickup 118 File:.png
Scythian Band MoneyPickup 40 File:.png
Duelist's Bow of the COuncil MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Militia Knuckles MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Nth-Metal Plated Pistols MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Scout's Nth-Metal Hammer MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Emissary's Nth-Metal Focusing Gloves MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Officer's Claws MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Gordanian Blade MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Nth-Metal Flame Thrower MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Officer's Plate MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Wingman's Staff MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Hammer of Chance MoneyPickup 201 File:.png
Temple Striker's Bow MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Thanagarian Cestus MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Electromagnetic Pistols MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Ensign's Nth-Metal Blades MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Councilman's Blasting Gloves MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Light Nth-Metal Claws MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Lawmaker's Brand MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Enforcer's Deadly Rifle MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Defender's Plate MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Dormorian Mountain Staff MoneyPickup 283 File:.png
Hammer of Dormorian Steel MoneyPickup 283 File:.png



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