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This article is about the statistic. For the actual abilities a player character wields, see Powers.

Power is required to use abilities in a Loadout and is drained as abilities are performed.
A percentage of max Power regenerates every second.
Power regeneration is increased out of combat.
Power builds when performing weapon attacks with either a Weapons Expert or a Hybrid Focus.
Power does NOT build when performing weapon attacks with a Superpowered Focus but +10% Power and +25% Power Regeneration is granted instead.
Power can be restored by specific active powers, breakouts and consumables.
Breakouts require Innate Skills in a Movement tree to restore power after a breakout.
Power is restored when defeating opponents in Challenges, Duos and open world content.
The main role of a Controller is to restore the party's power.
Stat Points spent in Might also increase the Power pool.
The Power pool can be increased using Artifacts, Augments and Generator Mods. It can also temporarily be increased through the use of consumables such as Energy Soders or Compound Omega.

Most powers have a base power cost of 100, 200, 300, or 400, except Supercharge powers. Power costs are increased base on your equipped stats. For example, The Death of Superman content buffs you to 230 Combat Rating if you are beneath it, and your power costs would be exactly 16x the base amount. The gear given by the CR 210 Advance would lead to power costs 12.49x the base amount. Augments do not increase power costs.

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