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Find Bane's main Venom distributor and put him out of business, permanently.


"You know, when big strong men cry it's just - just - so annoying! Can't they inject a spine to go with all that muscle?! Go find out where Bane's main distributer is holed up, and convince him to get out of the Venom business, for the good of his health." — Joker
  • Search for Bane's Venum Distribution Hub
"Now to find Bane's distributer. Rip out the Venom Injectors from his street soldiers, that should loosen their tongues." — Joker
  • Find Bane's Street Soldiers and Interrogate them (0/3)
  • Defeat Bane's Razors and steal their Venom (0/10)
"Speaking of big and dumb...the Falcones have Killer Croc on their payroll, hm? He hates Bane. This could get very interesting." — Calculator

Freelance missions[]