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Patrick "Eel" O'Brian started out as a lowlife gangster until he was shot by a guard at the Crawford Chemical Works. Stumbling into a vat of chemicals, he escaped and ended up in a spiritual retreat where he discovered that the chemicals had changed his body into being near unbreakable, with the ability to stretch every atom of his body into any shape he could imagine.
With these newfound powers, Eel changed his life for the better, becoming the super hero "Plastic Man".


  • While he has yet to appear in DC Universe Online, conceptual renders of Plastic Man do exist for the game.
  • Plastic Man appears in the DC Universe Online Legends comicbook series which shows an alternate timeline set to occur before in-game events.


  • Plastic Man first appeared in Polices Comics #1 (August 1941)
  • Due to his powers, Plastic Man is able to warp himself back from whichever animal form Circe turns him into. She has dubbed him "Dionysos", after the Greek god of the same name. He also cannot be mind controlled due to not possessing an organic body; a trait Batman finds useful when dealing with threats like Martians.
  • During his tenure in the JLA, Plastic Man had a tendency to shapeshift into various items and objects for the purpose of peeping on the team's female members; in one instance he transformed into a lamp to hide out in Wonder Woman's room in the JLA Watchtower, in another instance he transformed into a dress to be worn by Big Barda during a public outing.
  • Of Irish descent, O'Brian's parents nicknamed him "Eel" due to how his thin body as a child allowed him to snake through the tightest spaces.
  • Between JLA missions, O'Brian owns and runs a security firm called O'Brian Security in Chicago.


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