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For the planet of the same name, see: Krypton.

Planet Krypton is a Theme Restaurant based on the image and stories of the modern Super Hero Community. Created and endorsed by Booster Gold during a brief retirement from heroics, the restaurant chain also has the time traveler Rip Hunter as a silent partner.

As a theme restaurant, the brand's primary selling point is in its portrayal of superheroes and their history; the entire floor is filled with hero memorabilia (from merchandise to replicas of items associated with certain heroes), the waiters and waitresses dress as iconic heroes and serve themed dishes such as "Power Girl Chicken Sandwich" (with breast cut) and the "Spectre Platter". Superhero-themed merchandise are also sold at the restaurants.


While the restaurant began as a simple media venture by Booster Gold, the restaurant soon became the center of a Multiversal event where a crazed man from Earth-22 named Gog was in the midst of a cross-dimensional rampage to kill every Superman in existence due to his belief that the hero was really Satan-incarnate after being empowered by the Quintessence (the Wizard Shazam, Ganthet, Zeus, Izaya Highfather, and the Phantom Stranger).
Rip Hunter has a group of young heroes from the same Earth store various weapons from across the multiverse within the restaurant; hiding them amongst the replicas, and lure Gog into the restaurant with the help of the Batman, Wonder Women and Superman of Earth-22 and New Earth before shunting them all into the Hypertime-stream to depower the delusional man.

While having since being returned to its proper place in time, the restaurant still stands as a hub between the Multiverse and Hypertime due to the weaken of the interdimensional walls around it and as such is watched over by Rip Hunter.


  • Numerous billboards appear throughout Metropolis advertising the restaurant chain.



  • Planet Krypton is presumably the DC comics rendition of the themed restaurant chain, Planet Hollywood.
  • Planet Krypton restaurants first appeared in Kingdom Come #4 (August, 1996).
  • Planet Krypton possesses the largest revolving stock of superhero memorabilia in the world.
  • The restaurant's emblem is based on the history of Superman's home planet, Krypton.
  • The Flash Museum also possesses a themed-restaurant area; themed after the Flash and his history.

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