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The Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunk is a chunk of kryptonite affected by the dimensional energies of the Phantom Zone. The kryptonite piece gives temporary Kryptonian powers to the user; significantly changing their appearance to that of a Phantom Zone ghost or phantom.

This trinket temporarily changes the player's appearance, movement mode, weapon type, and active powers for the duration of 20 seconds with a 5 minute cool-down period. Activated powers include Heat Vision, Cold Breath, and Kryptonian Blast.

Obtained from[]

On Use[]

Transforms the player's appearance, equips brawling, flight, Heat Vision, Cold Breath, and Kryptonian Blast.


Since game update 25 this item cannot be used in PvP arenas anymore.


The phantom appearance that the trinket bestows was altered come 2012 from a ghost with a "Starman" head to that of a full "Starman" appearance.

This trinket was the first Legendary-quality item recorded to have been found by players in DC Universe Online.


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