Pete Ross, a childhood friend of Clark Kent in Smallville, grew up to serve as Vice-President, and following Luthor's disgrace, President of the United States of America.

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One of two of Clark Kent's friends from Smallville, he and Lana Lang would eventually marry and the two would have a son; Clark Peter Ross. However, due to Pete's belief that Lana was still in love with Clark, the two eventually divorced.

As time passed, Pete became Vice-President of the United States under Lex Luthor and briefly served the remainder of Luthor's term as President following Luthor's impeachment.

Pete then returned to Smallville to raise his and Lana's son. He now owns and runs a general store in the town.

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  • In the Smallville Alert, Pete Ross is among the citizens that got turned into one of the clones of Doomsday and the players have to regress him among the other citizens back to normal.

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  • Pete Ross first appeared in Superboy #86 (January 1961).
  • Pete Ross is voiced by Mike Smith
  • Pete became aware of Clark's secret identity as Superman after Luthor was informed by Manchester Black. While Luthor's mind was later to wiped, Pete retained the knowledge.

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