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On Duty Menu

The On Duty menu, accessible by hitting the Y key by default, allows players to queue for various instances, arranged by Tier.

There are three main options: Latest episodes (which include the 3 most recent episodes, excluding House of Legends (Episode)), Omnibus, and custom play, which allows players to choose any instance on their own, using the old interface.

For Alerts and Raids the player is prompted to choose a role to fill in the group before queuing.

Loot lock[]

For the 3 most recent episodes (excluding House of Legends (Episode)), whenever a boss is defeated in their instances and Loot is obtained, that boss becomes loot locked (for 7 days for 8-player content, for 1 day in other cases). This is displayed in the On Duty menu by red icon and text on the instance in question. While loot locked, that boss does not drop loot when defeated again (including Source Marks and Loot Items), although players can still play the content. This applies to Challenges, Duos, Alerts and Raids.

Loot locks are shared between the event, normal, and elite versions of the same content.

For all other On Duty content, loot locks do not apply and players can always gain loot from them.





  • Many Tier 1 and 2 instances in the On Duty menu are early non-episode story arc instances that can be accessed through the open world (Challenges and Duos are mostly harder versions of instances, Raids could mostly be accessed through Watchtower/Hall of Doom, although Alerts are usually On Duty only). Most Tier 3 or above instances are exclusive to the On Duty menu.
  • When selecting a role for alerts and raids, all powers in each non-damage role are listed according to their date of release, with the exception of Celestial and Water, which have their positions swapped.
  • The Elapsed Time in the On Duty menu does not count hours; if your Elapsed Time exceeds 60 minutes, it would still only be counted in minutes and seconds, e.g. 104:37.

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