The Old Wayne Tower is a multi-story tower located in Gotham City's Diamond District.

Erected in 1888, the Old Wayne Tower was designed by stepbrothers Nicholas Anders and Bradley Gate, with support from Edward Elliot, Mayor Theodore Cobblepot and Alan Wayne.
The tower was the first of a new series of skyscrapers proposed by the brothers, utilizing a new method of foundation construction to enable the buildings to grow higher than previously thought possible, proposed as a landmark and as a symbol of welcome to people coming to Gotham.
At the top of the tower is the observation deck, which Alan Wayne insisted remain free and open to the public every weekend, all year round. The windows were made of a double-bonded, laminated float glass, designed to be crystal-quality, weatherproof and unbreakable.

Named after the Wayne Family, it is one of the few remaining landmarks of Old Gotham to survive the city's great earthquake, retaining its title as Gotham's tallest pre-quake structure. It continues to be the nerve center of the city's financial district.




  • The tower is the tallest building in the city.
  • The tower is often used as a "diving platform" by the Bat Family to test their gliding/flying/grapnel equipment or as a "trail" to test their courage.

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