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OMAC Base is a Level 27 mission and a Tier 1 Duo.
The Duo requires Level 30 for access and rewards 2 Source Marks.

Located underneath the Knightsdome Sporting Complex, within the sewers, the OMAC Base is the hidden lair of Brother Eye, within which it controls the OMAC army rampaging through the streets above.

Locating the hidden base, Batman sends Fire and new heroes while the Joker sends Killer Frost and new villains to shut Brother Eye down. During the mission, Fire panics and Killer Frost flees leaving the heroes or villains to face Brother Eye alone.

Duo Description[]

Brother Eye has been reactivated and assimilated by Brainiac, creating the terrifying OMAC Sigma. Destroy their champion and drive Brother Eye from his Gotham base.




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