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Refined nth metal waiting to be picked up.

Nth Metal is the core reagent for upgrading Artifacts. Once player characters have acquired their first Artifact, they will be able to find Nth Metal as a rare drop from defeating NPCs. In addition, large caches of Nth Metal will become available by completing the Vault and the Stabilizer Event.

Nth Metal comes in various qualities, with rarer, more refined pieces granting larger amounts of Item Experience when used to fortify an Artifact in possession.

Nth Metal can no longer be used to fortify Adaptive and Origin Augments since mid-2020.

Obtained from[]

For the same type of Nth Metal, there are account bound (tradable to other characters on your account) and untradeable forms. Defeating NPCs gives the former, while Stabilizer Fragmentation and The Vault give the latter. Only the same form would stack.

List of Nth Metal[]

Raw Nth Metal 10 Raw Nth Metal
Extracted Nth Metal 20 Extracted Nth Metal
Treated Nth Metal 50 Treated Nth Metal
Processed Nth Metal 100 Processed Nth Metal
Refined Nth Metal 200 Refined Nth Metal
Purified Nth Metal 500 Purified Nth Metal
Flawless Nth Metal 1000 Flawless Nth Metal
Augmented Nth Metal 3000 Augmented Nth Metal
Continuum Nth Metal 10000 Continuum Nth Metal
Reinforced Nth Metal 12500 Reinforced Nth Metal
Perfected Nth Metal 75000 Perfected Nth Metal



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