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Nora Fries is an attractive, gentle young woman who met a man named Victor Fries during college. Falling in love, the pair married soon after, however, Nora was soon struck with a rare disease. Joining the company GothCorp in an attempt to use their research facilities to find a cure, Victor used his cryogenics lab to freeze Nora in a state of suspended animation until he could find a cure. Since then, Nora has been trapped between life and death.

Willing to break every law in his search for a means to cure her, Victor became the cold-hearted Mister Freeze and took to violence and pursuits of a criminal nature to save his love; threatening the well-being of the planet on more then one occasion.



  • When Two-Face recruits some new villains to steal a collection of diamonds from a WayneTech Storage Facility, Mister Freeze interrupts the heist and steals the diamonds for his latest attempt at curing his wife. Following him to the Gotham Mercy General Hospital and posing as a member of his gang, the new villains must steal-back the diamonds before Two-Face decides to take his loss out on them.



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