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Non was a friend and scientific colleague of Jor-El.
When the Kryptonian Science Council discovered that two of their most revered scientists, Jor-El and Non, had determined that in a short matter of time, Krypton would suffer geothermic upheaval that would destroy the entire planet, they branded the two as heretics and sent General Zod and his militants to Jor-El's laboratory to arrest them. The Science Council administered a stern warning to them, and set them free.

Non ignored the Council's warning and preached to the populace of Krypton; revealing everything he knew of the pending disaster. Soon after, Non was captured and lobotomized under orders of the Science Council.

This incident drove Zod, who had become convinced of Non's warnings, over the edge and he and Ursa began an insurrection that made them the most wanted criminals on the planet. They, along with Non, were eventually captured and brought to justice. However, Jor-El argued on their behalf and swayed the Science Council from sentencing them to death. Instead, Jor-El elected for a more peaceful means of punishment - exile in the Phantom Zone.
The lobotomy left Non a minimally-verbal and highly aggressive brute, a far cry from the passive scientist he once was. Some aspects of his personality survived, however, and an extreme kindness sometimes surfaces when dealing with children.

Combat Statistics[]

  • Non (Vendor)
  • Non (Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix)


  • He is a boss in the Sunstone Matrix Raid along with Ursa and General Zod.


  • Vendor for the tier 3 armor for villains.


  • Non first appeared in Action Comics #845 (January 2007).
  • Non is an adaptation of the character of the same name which appeared in the movie Superman (1978) and Superman II (1980), played by Jack O'Halloran.
  • Non's Phantom Zone Goggles protect him from being driven mad by the unreality of the Phantom Zone.
  • Non's grey suit is actually a Kryptonian prison uniform. The first letter of his name is embroidered on his chest in Kryptonian script.


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