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Nightfall is a level 17 villain mission started upon the completion of Shadow Hearts.

Free shadowmen from Sentinel light cages and protect them as they return to where their master, Eclipso, is held.


"The shadowmen are drown to Eclipso's prison like moths to a flame, but like moths, they are in danger of being burned! The Sentinels are trapping them in light cages to block the darkness. Free the shadowmen, and help them enter Eclipso's prison until shadow outbalances the light!" — Circe
  • Destroy the Sentinel spells that are imprisioning[sic] Shadowmen in Light Cages (0/5)
  • The released Duskwalkers will be weakened from the Sentinels' spells. Protect them as they make their way to the Sentinel base (0/5)
  • Defeat Sentinels to Gain Depleted Wards (0/25)
"Balance tipped from light to evil, check. Head on into the Sentinel's magical prison! Hope you can see in the dark..." — Calculator

Upon completion, Lunar Eclipse is automatically started.


Escorting the Duskwalkers through many Sentinels of Magic would be very difficult for a solo player of around that level unless they could heal, as they die very quickly.

Freelance Mission[]


  • Experience