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Aid Hazmat Workers in the East End and confiscate Scarecrow's fear gas supply.


Batman: I've given Dr. Leslie Thompkins an antidote for the gas, but that's not enough to stop Scarecrow's thugs. We have to get the fear gas barrels off the street. Get to their supply depot by the chemical factory. No matter what you see- don't let the effects of the fear gas scare you off.


  • Travel to the supply depot in the Malone Improvement District
  • Protect Hazmat Officers and transport their sealed fear gas barrels to safe zone x5
  • Defeat Scarecrow's Henchmen x15


Follow the yellow arrow on your mini-map to the Malone Improvement District. Then look for a white pillar of light. This is the Hazmat Bogue. Talk to him and get another side quest One of Us. Move around this area and attack Hallucinations. They will either turn into a Hazmat Technician or one of Scarecrow's thugs. As a general rule, two haluncinations in close proximity, such as side by side, will be two thugs, the Hazmat Technicians are always solo. Attack the thugs for Night Terrors and press E on the Hazmat Technician for One of Us. Then look around for the fear gas barrels. Pick them up and bring them to the area near Hazmat Bogue.

"The Hallucinations get stronger the more you're exposed to the gas. Hang in there. Once we take out Scarecrow, the nightmare will end. For everyone." — Oracle