Mordru is an immortal sorcerer and one of the last surviving members of the Lords of Chaos.


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  • Mordru first appeared in Adventure Comics #369 (June 1968).
  • Mordru is ageless. When the Hourman android attempted to de-age Mordru to a point where he was not as powerful, he discovered that Mordru's timeline had no beginning or end. Mordru was apparently never born, nor would ever die.
  • In the 30th and 31st centuries, Mordru is the premiere sorcerer of the known universe. He is the "Legion of Super-Heroes'" most powerful individual foe, with only Darkseid and the Time Trapper (or Glorith) rivaling his powers.
  • Truly, Mordru doesn't possess a physical due to his nature as a Lord of Chaos and because Magic requires mass to operate, he must acquire a body with his possession ability to perform magic. He currently occupies the body of the Atlantean Sorceror, Arion.
  • Mordru is helpless when entombed. He fears being imprisoned.


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