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Mongul is the tyrannical ruler and dictator of Warworld, an artificial satellite that traveled the galaxy picking up slaves for gladiatorial combat. He possesses genius level intellect and seeks to conquer and torment other planets across the galaxy, using domination in his bid for conquest.

Brutal, ruthless, and power-hungry, Mongul is an evil alien warlord and longtime enemy of Superman. Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and a master strategist, his physical strength rivals that of Superman himself. This has established Mongul as one of his most challenging foes.


Mongul was the ruler of his own alien race until a revolution occurred, and he was exiled into outer space. Entering into Earth, Mongul traveled to Metropolis and kidnapped Superman's friends (Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Steve Lombard), threatening to kill them unless the hero brought him the key that can activate the artificial planet Warworld. After Superman retrieved the key, and is forced to fight the Martian Manhunter who is protecting it, Mongul activates Warworld. Psychically linked with its controls, Mongul tried to destroy Superman and Supergirl. Mongul was ultimately rendered unconscious by a massive mental strain caused from using its controls, but manages to escape before the heroes destroy Warworld.

Mongul then tried to conquer Throneworld, the home planet of Prince Gavyn, one of the heroes who have used the name Starman. Mongul murdered Gavyn's sister and forced Gavyn's lover into marrying him in order to usurp the throne of the empire for himself. He used Throneworld's planet-destroying weapon to blackmail other planets into obedience. Superman arrived and battled Mongul, while Starman disabled the weapon. Mongul retreated as soon as the weapon was successfully disabled, and planned to make his next move.[6] Now wanting revenge on Superman, Mongul killed a Controller and stole the Sun-Eater to devour the Earth's Sun. While the Justice League of America and Legion of Super-Heroes battled Mongul, Superman finally defeated him as the Legion destroyed the Sun-Eater.

Mongul eventually attacked Superman on his birthday and ensnares him with a Black Mercy, an alien plant that feeds off a victim's "bio-aura" while rendering the victim incapable of fighting back, giving them a realistic vision of their own perfect "dream world" in return. Meanwhile, Mongul nearly killed Wonder Woman while mocking her views that women are equal. In the end, thanks to Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman, Mongul becomes the plant's next victim and dreams of himself as ruler of the universe.

Eventually recovering from his hypnosis, Mogul activates the key to Warworld, where he becomes the ruler and dictator of it's inhabitants. Later on, while Superman was finishing a mission in deep outer space and turned his ship around to heads back to Earth, but along the way he was intercepted by Mongul and forced to compete in gladiatorial combat in Warworld. Mongul first pitted him against an elite team of warriors known as the Plahtune, but the Man of Steel easily beat them. Next, Superman confronted Overkhast, an alien who can fire energy from his hands and who can also transform into a gigantic energy-based creature that can emit shock waves of power.

After Superman overcame him, Mongul himself stepped into the arena to battle Superman. Though he was powerful and possesses great strength, Mongul was still no match for the Last Son of Krypton. At the conclusion of their fight, Superman picked up Mongul and prepared to deliver what would most certainly be a killing strike. Mongul taunted him, saying: "Go on, Superman. You know you want to." Superman then threw Mongul to the floor and stated that the fight was over. Superman then found his ship and set off for Earth, but Mongul vowed that he would find him.

Mongul has since swore rage and vengeance against Superman, eager to defeat the Man of Steel once and for all.

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  • Mongul does not currently appear in the game.

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  • Mongul first appeared in DC Comics Presents #27 (November 1980).
  • During the Bronze Age of Comic Books, Mongul was stronger than Superman and almost totally invulnerable to harm. Superman defeated him by foiling his schemes, but only once defeated Mongul in hand-to-hand combat. Even then, Superman fell unconscious immediately afterward. Mongul also demonstrated the ability to teleport; limited telepathy and telekinesis; and could project blasts of potent force via his eyes, hands, or chest. The character also used technology to shrink his enemies and place them in dimensional-inversion cubes designed to prevent escape by warping their interior reality and absorbing any power used against them from within. The Modern Age Mongul started off with less power than the Bronze Age version but was still a formidable foe and a capable match up against Superman on multiple occasions, although slightly weaker.
  • Mongul's son, also named Mongul, appears to assist and train Superman, in preparation for the arrival of Imperiex. This Mongul seems to be more powerful than his father.
  • Mongul's origins depicts him as a child who wanted to be like his father. He made journeys and he watched digital renderings where his father fought against Superman and his allies and the destruction of Coast City. He copies his father's actions when he encounters a group of aliens whose spaceship crashes on Arkymandryte, turning them into his slaves. Mongul's father returns, and discovering his son's slaves, he kills the aliens and tells him only one being on the planet is worthy of adoration.
  • Mongul, along with Brainiac, Darkseid, and Doomsday, is considered to be among Superman's toughest foes.


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