Mister Freeze suffered a lab experiment gone wrong and must now be encased in his supercooled suit to survive. Armed with his freeze gun, Victor Fries has devoted his life to the hopeless task of curing his beloved wife, Nora Fries. Her body is kept frozen in suspended animation until his experiments cure her fatal disease. Batman has offered help, but Mister Freeze is convinced his own failures are due to the meddling of the Dark Knight.

Mister Freeze often partners with other criminals to steal the money and materials he needs for his experiments and his armor and weaponry.


Isolated and ridiculed at school Victor Fries thought he would never know the warm touch of compassion until Nora came into his life. The two married and, when Nora became stricken with a rare illness, Fries devoted his life to finding a cure for her, working in Gothcorp, and placed her in suspended animation to buy themselves time. However, Gothcorp decided to deny him the funding he needed to save his wife and in response, Victor turned to crime to fund his research. Now a man of cold focus, Freeze cold-heartedly enacts crimes for the purpose of saving his wife.

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  • He appears as a random boss in the Shady Nightclub Duo.
  • Mister Freeze is one of four random iconic villains who must be defeated by heroes in Gotham Under Siege.



  • Mister Freeze first appeared in Batman #121 (February 1959).
  • Mr Freeze is voiced by Robert Kraft.
  • Freeze's minions resemble his appearance in the 1960's TV series "Batman".


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