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Miraculous is an Iconic Battle Suit style set available for heroes only.

Consisting of eight pieces, the set is an advanced PvE (Player versus Environment) gear set inspired by the vestments of Mister Miracle.

This set has Item Level 108 and is obtained from the Colony Trader in New Genesis. A minimum PvE Combat Rating of 111 or above and the Halls of Power Part II episode is pre-requisite of obtaining this gear.


Miraculous (Damage)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Brave Escapist's Helmet (head)
  • Brave Escapist's Shoulderpads (shoulders)
  • Brave Escapist's Armorweave (chest)
  • Brave Escapist's Pants (legs)
  • Brave Escapist's Boots (feet)
  • Brave Escapist's Gloves (hands)
  • Brave Escapist's Belt (waist)
  • Brave Escapist's Threaded Cape (back)
Miraculous (Controller)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Cunning Escapist's Helmet (head)
  • Cunning Escapist's Shoulderpads (shoulders)
  • Cunning Escapist's Armorweave (chest)
  • Cunning Escapist's Pants (legs)
  • Cunning Escapist's Boots (feet)
  • Cunning Escapist's Gloves (hands)
  • Cunning Escapist's Belt (waist)
  • Cunning Escapist's Threaded Cape (back)
Miraculous (Healer)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Fit Escapist's Helmet (head)
  • Fit Escapist's Shoulderpads (shoulders)
  • Fit Escapist's Armorweave (chest)
  • Fit Escapist's Pants (legs)
  • Fit Escapist's Boots (feet)
  • Fit Escapist's Gloves (hands)
  • Fit Escapist's Belt (waist)
  • Fit Escapist's Threaded Cape (back)
Miraculous (Tank)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Stout Escapist's Helmet (head)
  • Stout Escapist's Shoulderpads (shoulders)
  • Stout Escapist's Armorweave (chest)
  • Stout Escapist's Pants (legs)
  • Stout Escapist's Boots (feet)
  • Stout Escapist's Gloves (hands)
  • Stout Escapist's Belt (waist)
  • Stout Escapist's Threaded Cape (back)




The Miraculous' overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear on this style.


Miracle's Ensemble



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