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Minions of Greed are demonic creatures that could hit up to 109. They are found at the west edge of Midtown, along with Greedy Citizens and Greedy Officers.

They are fairly easy opponents for their level. With their slow long-ranged orange orb attacks, players could circle the minion from a distance, avoiding most of the hits. Flyers may also out-range them. Try not to attract attention of the greedy humans - the officers are especially dangerous.



  • Hero players encounters these enemies through the mission Cough Up the Cash, during which 10 must be defeated. Using their powers on random civilians, they made them go mad with greed; and players can see them fighting for bags of money in the streets. Heroes have to subdue the crazed civilians to help them come back to their senses.
  • Minions of Greed are also present in the Ellsworth Memorial Hospital as minions to Brother Blood.


These npc are not hostile to villain players.

Item Drops[]



  • With the release of the Sons of Trigon DLC and Game Update 29, the appearance of all demon NPCs in Metropolis were intended to be updated to be more demonic, however, it was found that a full update would be too expensive and so only the appearance of the demonic transformations were altered.
  • The Demon Figurine trinket drops in the Vault that disguises male characters as the updated version of the Minion of Greed.