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The Mini-Map is a hand-held radar given to New Heroes and New Villains to assist in their work with the Justice League of America or the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

A portable, hand-sized device, the technology piece provides the player with a limited view of their environment using a series of representative symbols over a projected map of their location. In addition to the radar, the device also allows the player to receive communications from their mentor through a visual communication screen. The Mini-Map can also hack into other broadcasting signals; able to receive and listen in on public broadcasts, radio announcements, radio transmissions and private telephone calls. Through an ingenius design, the Mini-Map can also link with Meta or Magical transmissions.

The device is also linked with the player's Personal Data Assistant, alerting the player when they have Mail pending, their Equipped items are broken, their Inventory is full, or if they are currently On Duty.

Radar Symbols[]

Player Ally (NPC)
Ally (PC) Enemy (NPC)
Enemy (PC) Quest
Interactable Object Defendable Object
Collection Player Briefing
Investigation Vendor
Bank Mail Terminal
Safe House Entrance/Exit

Radar Upgrades[]


Purchasable from the Marketplace, the Mini-Map's radar function can be upgraded to detect Player Briefings, Investigations, and Collections. However, the upgrade only lasts for a limited time before the radar returns to its default abilities.



  • In addition to the player's mentor, other characters will sometimes hack into the Mini-Map's broadcast frequency to speak with the player.