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Mid-Nite is an armor style set for heroes and villains exclusively available from Time Torn Time Capsules.

Consisting of eight pieces, the set is an advanced PvE (Player versus Environment) gear set inspired by the vestments of Doctor Mid-Nite.

This set is attuned gear released with Item Level 10 to 297 and is obtained from Time Torn Time Capsules.


Mid-Nite (Damage)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Cowl (head)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Tunic (chest)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Pants (legs)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Boots (feet)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Gloves (hands)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Belt (waist)
  • Fierce Mid-Nite Cape (back)
Mid-Nite (Controller)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Keen Mid-Nite Cowl (head)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Tunic (chest)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Pants (legs)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Boots (feet)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Gloves (hands)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Belt (waist)
  • Keen Mid-Nite Cape (back)
Mid-Nite (Healer)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Mending Mid-Nite Cowl (head)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Tunic (chest)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Pants (legs)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Boots (feet)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Gloves (hands)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Belt (waist)
  • Mending Mid-Nite Cape (back)
Mid-Nite (Tank)
Pieces Obtainment
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Cowl (head)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Pauldrons (shoulders)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Tunic (chest)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Pants (legs)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Boots (feet)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Gloves (hands)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Belt (waist)
  • Rugged Mid-Nite Cape (back)




The Mid-Nite's overall color-scheme consists of three colors that can be chosen by the Player in the Style Window. Specific sections of the style's pieces can also be allocated a more specific colour by the Player.

Emblems do not appear on this style.


Spin Doctor Mid-Nite Hooty & The Glow Fits Chronon Active


  • Any gear boxes, e.g. the Mid-Nite Tunic Box, will give the choice of a damage role or a support role piece and are randomly contained in Mid-Nite Gear Capsules, the latter of which are randomly contained in Time Torn Time Capsules.
  • The visually enhanced style of the Mid-Nite costume style is called Enhanced Mid-Nite.
  • Initially the back style was bugged and not visible.
  • The set was originally contained in Mid-Nite Gear Capsules and with an Item Level 10 to 172. It's now dropping directly from the time capsules.
  • The enhanced style was originally available as style items through the process of Research and Development with the time capsules dropping R&D plans. This was changed with the introduction of augments. Now the enhanced style is available as attuned gear too.




DCUO Mid-Nite Style and Enhanced Mid-Nite Style

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